the guilt & the ambiguity

by johnny ride

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released June 30, 2012

1. vertigo (lyrics - the aluminum group, music - ridenour)
2. sanders (ridenour)
3. help me (joni mitchell)
4. credit will be restored (ridenour & thymme jones)
5. ocean (prospector lyrics - tracey grimsley, dolphin guide lyrics - bobby conn, music - ridenour)
6. unbroken (ridenour & john eichenseer)
7. call me johnny (ridenour)
8. yorker (ridenour & thymme jones)
9. telenovela (ridenour)
10. buena park (music - ridenour, lyrics - jim cooper)

all songs published by shiny thing music (ASCAP)
vertigo - shiny thing music (ASCAP)/a 13 music (ASCAP)
ocean - shiny thing music (ASCAP)/gold cross music (BMI)
credit will be restored and yorker - shiny thing music (ASCAP)/complacency (BMI)
(cc) 2012
help me (c) 1973 crazy crow music (BMI)

drums - josh johannpeter
violins, recorders - julie pomerleau
piano, wurlitzer, clavinet, viola, cello, duduk - john eichenseer (jhno)
trumpets, horn arrangements on credit will be restored and yorker - thymme jones
percussion on sanders and unbroken - jason finkelman
vocals on help me, telenovela, and buena park - nora o’connor
dolphin guide vocals on ocean, vocals and guitar on call me johnny - bobby conn
vocals and vocal arrangement on vertigo - the aluminum group (john and frank navin)
spoken word on buena park - jim cooper
guitar solo on yorker - mark ruecker
tenor and alto saxophones on yorker - liese gilly
tenor saxophone solo on buena park - paul von mertens
trombone on call me johnny - jamie hutchinson
vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizer, stylophone, dulcimer, percussion -johnny ride

recorded by mark rubel at pogo studio, champaign(2005)
and by johnny ridenour at shiny thing, urbana (2009-10)
drums and overdubs recorded by bobby conn at cloud studio, chicago (2010-11)
the aluminum group, paul von mertens, and jim cooper recorded themselves at home.

mixed by bobby conn at cloud studio, chicago (2010-12)

mastered by carl saff at saff mastering, chicago (2012)

photos by virginia pinkston
crow drawing by joe beck
design by gina manola

thank you
the musicians & writers, bobby conn, mark rubel, john eichenseer, roy ewing, todd ledford, thor harris, rob halverson, virginia pinkston, joe beck, julie pomerleau, kickstarter, sanmi neumann, lisa bayer, terry wilmarth, julie johnson, tracy overath, sarah & donald hundgen, sam & suzy ridenour, sue zendt, paul dale, will & barbara ridenour, paul arroyo, lisa machac, spirit wind, karen trich, christopher mietus, eric bohm, shades & punchy, betty vitale, jeff chown, gina manola & nick rudd, jon langley, chet & marie grimsley, felix & poppy, and the amazing and beautiful tracey grimsley who is the undeniable center of my universe.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


johnny ride Urbana, Illinois

Johnny Ride aka John Ridenour has played with the Aluminum Group, Bobby Conn, Jim O'Rourke, Arthur Brown, Susan Voelz, and many others. He is half of ambient duo SPOOL with jhno. (SPOOL is also working on a new record.) He is also a stay-home, home-schooling dad, urban farmer, psychogeographer, and has recently returned to college. ... more

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